6 Tips - How to choose that perfect party bra

Published: 17th November 2005
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So you have found the perfect dress for Christmas. Now you need the right bra to go with it.

Ok, so you can always go braless, but that wouldn't give you the support you need, would it?

For the party season, you will need a wardrobe of bras to go with your party dresses. Different dress or top styles demand a different type of bra to look best.

#1 Do away with the straps

The first you should get for party wear would be a strapless bra. That bra would go well with your strapless dresses, halter tops, and even your strappy tops. With a strapless bra, you need not worry about your straps showing.

For a better cleavage without padding, go for a strapless bra that fastens in front. This is because a bra that fastens in front pushes your breasts together giving you a better cleavage.

#2 Sheer clothes with nude bras

Next, if you are going to wear a sheer dress, get a bra that is in your skin tone. A nude bra as close to your skin tone as possible A white bra if you are very very fair, a black brown if your skin is very black, a chocolate bra, or a peach bra, whatever is closest to your skin tone, in a simple design that disappears on your skin. These nude bra are practically invisible if they match your skin tone.

#3 Take advantage of the versatility of convertible bras

If you want the support straps offer in your bra under your party dress, get a bra with removable straps. A convertible bra that can be worn with virtually any outfit would be ideal. Not just your party dress. If you wear a dress with a criss cross back, simply adjust the straps of your bra so you get a criss cross bra that gives you the full support you want, while hiding the straps beneath your dress. If you are going to wear a halter top, then adjust the bra accordingly.

#4 Go backless

What do you wear when it comes to a backless dress? You could go braless, and risk sagging. Droopy breasts aren't sexy. You could wear a very clever bra that does not need any support at the back. A backless bra would do the trick.

#5 Boost your cleavage

Finally, if you want to show off extra cleavage in a cleavage revealing dress, that is where you bra comes in really handy. Just wear a push up bra. Alternatively, you could stuff in a sock, tissue paper or even a shoulder pad into your regular bra to get the cleavage you want.

#6 Go Seamless

Prevent the seams of your bra from showing through your tight clothes. Wear seamless bras which don't have seams in the first place.

For your bra to support you invisibly, your bra has to fit you perfectly. Too big and it will pucker up. Too tight and you'll see the lines. Measure yourself and use the tool at http://www.buy-bras.net/Measure-bra-size.htm to find the bra that fits you best. You can find more bras at www.buy-bras.net

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